Ukraine is an amazing place to visit. For centuries, it has been influenced by both East and West, which has shaped its architecture, culture and economy. Modern Ukraine is a good place to travel by bicycle, even though not much in the way of dedicated cycle infrastructure has been built yet. Road surfaces are usually in a good condition and most roads are suitable for travelling by bike, except of course for major international highways. The most popular destinations among Ukrainian and foreign cycling tourists are the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea and the western part of the country, especially the Carpathian mountains with their unique culture.


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EuroVelo in Ukraine

On this Facebook page, you can follow updates about EuroVelo 4 - Central Europe Route in Ukraine.

EuroVelo in Ukraine

It is our pleasure to announce that the first and the only Ukrainian website dedicated to EuroVelo is now live! The site is fairly new, so we apologize if some pages does not consist all the information you would like to see. The website will be updated regularly during the summer and fall 2013.