Belarus provides a cycling environment like nothing you've seen before - here you can experience unspoiled nature, quiet car-free villages frozen in time, and cycling without boundaries. Due to Belarus' communist heritage, almost all of the land is publicly accessible. You can ride through agricultural fields and wild forests, in fact virtually wherever you want. Cycling is the ideal way to see Belarus and to understand its unique culture. Belarus is also home to one of the last and largest remaining parts of the immense primeval forest that once stretched across the European Plain, the Białowieża Forest, and EuroVelo 2 - Capitals Route crosses this fascinating place!


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Eurovelo 2 in Belarus

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NGO Minsk Cycling Community

The "Minsk Cycling Community" is a development and promotion NGO for cycling in the city of Minsk and the Minsk region, enhancing the role of the bicycle in the comprehensive and harmonious development of individuals, strengthening the public health and developing healthy lifestyles.

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