Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been a popular cycling tourism destination for some time. At least for those cyclists who don't mind getting lost occasionally and prefer more adventure over well-maintained paths and routes. It's the top choice for cyclists on a journey from Europe to the Middle East and beyond. Bosnia and Herzegovina was referred to as little Yugoslavia in the former Yugoslavia, not only because of its central position in the region but also due to being a true natural, cultural, geographical, food-al, and other whatever-not-al cocktail. Coming from the West, the exotic experience begins at the border crossing with a stamp in your passport.


National Information

Centar za životnu sredinu / Center for Environment

National EuroVelo Coordination Centre

The Center for Environment is an organisation that was founded in 1999 and is now recognised as an organization that, through reasoned arguments, influences relevant public policies, raises public awareness about environmental issues, and fosters constructive collaboration with other associations, networks, institutions, and international organisations. One of its three programs, the Transportation program, operates in the fields of both urban cycling and cycle tourism.

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Bike Tour Lukavac

Non-Governmental Organization for the Development of Recreational-Touristic Cycling and Environmental Protection

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Green Visions

Our tours and development projects provide you with an authentic and organic experience of the majestic Dinaric highlands whilst providing local communities with vital social, spiritual and economic support to maintain their traditional lifestyles. Be rest assured that your trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina with Green Visions will not only be a safe, fun, and fascinating one but an adventurous holiday that will do as much for the communities you visit as it will for you!

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Our goal is to build a critical mass of citizens, environmental activists, development experts, researchers, as well as organizations and entrepreneurs, in order to collectively work towards sustainable development.

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The association "HerzegovinaBike" is the initiator (and center) of the development of cycling as cycle tourism, recreation and sport in Herzegovina. OBJECTIVE: Herzegovina as a top cycle tourism destination.

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Terra Dinarica

We are dedicated to nature conservancy and education, sustainable mountain development and promoting.

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