End EuroVelo 9 in the best possible way by cycling through the beautiful hills and valleys of Istria in Croatia and finishing in Pula, the city whose history goes back to ancient times. The route takes you along western part of the Istrian peninsula with beautiful views of the sea and the rich hinterland. You will be able to come face-to-face with the past in the towns of Umag, Porec and Pula, while visits to Lim channel (a sea inlet) and the Euphrasian Basilica UNESCO World Heritage site are also highly recommended.

National & Regional Information

National Coordination Body for Development of Cycling Tourism

National EuroVelo Coordination Centre

Cikloturizam Hrvatska is a voluntary association which advocates the improvement of conditions for cycling as efficient, sustainable and healthy means of transport. They advocate for and work on the transformation of the cities into clean, safe, comfortable and green urban areas, promoting the ‘cities for people’ approach and cycling as a desirable way of transport.

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Croatian National Tourist Board – Cycling Tourism

In Croatia you will find a huge variety of trails for everyone's taste. Ride through astonishing landscapes in natural parks such as Kopački Rit or Medvednica in Slavonia and Central Croatia or follow the numerous wine and gastro routes through stunning vineyards like the famous Istria Wine or Gastro Cycling Tour. On the Croatian National Tourist Board website you will find plenty of information about cycling in this country.