2023 Summer Photo Contest

The 2023 edition of the contest will be held from 10 July to 25 August! Please read the rules and follow the instructions below to enter. Have questions? Check the FAQs!

In case you don't see the widget below, please open this link in your browser to enter the contest.

2023 EuroVelo Summer Photo Contest

Rules of the contest

  • Your picture should contain a bike and it should be taken along either EuroVelo 15 or EuroVelo 19 (ideally within a 5km radius).
  • The contest will take place between July 10 (12am CEST) and August 25 (5pm CEST). Submissions outside this period will not be considered.
  • Submit your entry via the widget on (the link will only be valid for the duration of the contest).
  • Mention @ecfeurovelo together with BOTH of these hashtags: #EuroVelo #MoreCyclingTourism in your post on Instagram
  • Mention #EuroVelo15Contest or #EuroVelo19Contest depending on which route you took the picture on and mention the location in the description of your post on Instagram
  • Only one entry per person is allowed, either on EuroVelo 15 or on EuroVelo 19. If you share multiple photos, only the first one will be accepted.

If your photo respects the rules of the contest, we will share it on the EuroVelo Instagram account, tagging you back. The photos with the highest number of likes on 25 August at 5pm CEST will be the winner for each route.

Current entries

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why is the contest only limited to photos from EuroVelo 15 or EuroVelo 19?

The EuroVelo Summer Photo Contest is organised annually in the frame of active EuroVelo Partnerships for these two routes. The holiday packages (prizes) are made available only with the support of this transnational cooperation. You can learn more about these route partnerships here.

What is Gleam and why do I need to use it?

Gleam is a marketing platform that helps to run and verify entries for our annual Summer Photo Contest. We require all participants to use Gleam to submit their photos1 to verify their information, to make sure photos use our designated hashtags and to follow our terms and conditions.

1. The person sharing the picture authorizes the European Cyclists´ Federation (ECF) to use it on social media, publications or for any other non-profit purpose. The author of the picture declares to be the owner of the picture property rights by sharing it with ECF.

How are ‘likes’ counted?

After submitting your entry, we will verify whether your photo respects the rules of the contest. If it does, we will share it in a new post on the EuroVelo Instagram account, tagging you back. ONLY the number of likes on this post will count towards your winning tally2.

2. ECF keeps the right to consider any picture not in line with the purposes of the contest or inappropriate and to disqualify it. Any doubts on the way a picture acquired likes (´buying likes´ or similar) will result in a swift disqualification.

Besides collecting ‘likes’ on my photo, how can I additionally increase my chances of winning?

You can increase your chance of winning by performing a number of actions after submitting your entry on Gleam:

Each of these actions counts as 20 likes, for a maximum of 120 likes. Performing the same action multiple times will not grant additional likes.

What is the prize and when will the winners be announced?

The two winners will be announced within a month after the closing of the contest and win:

  • a cycle tourist package worth €1,500 along a section of EuroVelo 15 – Rhine Cycle Route (this prize will be awarded to the winning photo for EuroVelo 19).
  • a cycle tourist package worth €1,500 along a section of EuroVelo 19 – Meuse Cycle Route (this prize will be awarded to the winning photo for EuroVelo 15).

The available tourist packages3 will be proposed by and and can be used until 30 September 2024. The holiday packages are all inclusive for one or two persons with overnight stays in hotels, possible luggage transfer and well-prepared route guidance.⁠ More information will be shared by email with the winners after the closing of the contest.

3. ECF only covers up to €1,500 of the value of the tourist package. Prices are subject to the season, extras, etc. ECF retains the right not to award any prize at its absolute discretion.

For any other questions regarding the contest, please contact [email protected].