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EuroVelo 14 provides an easy access to Lake Balaton, the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe. Not only the lake's resort, but also the way to get there provide a pleasant cycling experience. Right after crossing the Hungarian border, the route leads across the scenic landscapes of Őrség National Park, and goes through a nice hilly region of Western Hungary. Small and cosy villages, folklore, vineyards and spas can be seen along the way before getting to Lake Balaton. The lake is a famous vacation resort with many - and also cycling friendly - accomodation, bathing possibilties, and all sort of restaurants from street food to fine dining. The northern shore of the lake is a nice place to visit in spring and autumn alike, while the whole area is a famous wine region.


National & Regional Information

Centre for Development of Active and Ecotourism

National EuroVelo Coordination Centre

The Centre for Development of Active and Ecotourism is the National EuroVelo Coordination Centre in Hungary. You can contact them if you need more information about the EuroVelo routes in Hungary.

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EuroVelo Hungary

This website, following the same structure as the EuroVelo website, presents the EuroVelo routes in Hungary in more details. Explore each route section and its main highlights, download the GPS tracks and much more!

Hungarian Cycling Tourism Association

Hungarian Cycling Tourism Association is a member of the Hungarian National EuroVelo Coordination Center consortium. The association engages in national cycling developments and is active in defining and implementing cycling developments.

Train Information - Hungary

Bicycles can be transported by train within Hungary for a small surcharge on routes marked by a bicycle icon on the timetable. Bicycle carriage is also indicated by a similar icon, and bikes can be transported in the spaces at the end of each carriage. A request should be made for the transport of large numbers of bicycles at least one week prior to departure.

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