Turkey has long been a popular stop for people on round-the-world cycle tours, but there are plenty of other reasons to visit this country by bike. The country boasts fantastic food, gorgeous beaches, rugged mountains and interesting cities all waiting for you to explore. The first EuroVelo route to visit Turkey is EuroVelo 13 - Iron Curtain Trail, which ends at the Bulgarian-Turkish border after passing through Edirne. Edirne served as the third capital city of the Ottoman Empire from 1363 to 1453, before Constantinople (present-day Istanbul) became the empire's fourth and final capital. So there is plenty of cultural heritage to discover in this historical city.


National Information


National EuroVelo Coordinator

The Association of Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection was established in 2007 and focuses on sustainable tourism, sustainable transport and grassroots sport campaigns. It is an associate member of ECF and the NEC for Turkey. ENVERÇEVKO is a member of the International Sport and Culture Association, the Turkish coordinator for NowWeMove campaign and a guesthouse for cyclists. They have been working together with the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for the EV8 extension route project.

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