A small but important section of EuroVelo 13 – Iron Curtain Trail passes through Turkey. The itinerary takes in the northern part of the country, along its 240 km long border with Bulgaria. The route enters Turkey from the Dervent hills and leads cyclists to quite a different cultural area to the rest of the route. After crossing some areas of mixed woodland and farmland, EuroVelo 13 reaches the city of Edirne, one-time capital of the Ottoman Empire and famous for its beautiful Selimiye Mosque. EuroVelo 13 then continues through rural landscapes and the city of Kirkareli before crossing into Bulgaria again.

National & Regional Information


National EuroVelo Coordination Centre

The Association of Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection was established in 2007 and focuses on sustainable tourism, sustainable transport and grassroots sport campaigns. It is an associate member of ECF and the NEC for Turkey. ENVERÇEVKO is a member of the International Sport and Culture Association, the Turkish coordinator for NowWeMove campaign and a guesthouse for cyclists. They have been working together with the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for the EV8 extension route project.

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