The route, from Ainazi in the north to the south-west harbour city of Liepaja, is approximately 680 km long. About one third of the route follows the sea coast on quiet beaches with white sand. In some parts, the beach surface is smooth and solid enough for comfortable cycling right beside the water! In addition to the capital city Riga and the resort city of Jurmala, EuroVelo 10 also passes through many interesting little towns such as Salacgriva, Kuldiga, Kandava and Ventspils. Travellers will definitely enjoy the idyllic Latvian countryside, sea coast and the picturesque old towns on their way.

National & Regional Information

Latvian bicycle information centre

The Latvian bicycle information centre is a bicycle tourism organisation founded in Riga in 1991. Their website contains a lot of information and maps for domestic routes and bicycle tourism in Latvia. However, much of it is currently only available in Latvia, so send any questions about EuroVelo 10 and 11 to their e-mail address: [email protected] and they will try and provide all the necessary information - route descriptions, public transport, cycle friendly services, rental facilities etc.