This cycle route takes you from the idyllic town of Ystad on the south coast of Sweden right up to the Finnish border: a distance of approx. 2,500 km. This long stretch from south to north naturally offers a rich variety of sceneries and spots of cultural interest. In the south you will enjoy long sandy beaches and the unique Baltic archipelago with its thousands of islands. From Ystad, you can take the ferry to the Danish island of Bornholm, a true cycling paradise! Green pasture land, shimmering lakes, silent forests and rapid rivers will welcome you in the exotic North. Villages and towns, including the lively capital, Stockholm (”the Venice of the North”), will now and then offer a change from the peaceful country roads.

National & Regional Information

Bed & Bike

Bed and Bike offers visitors descriptions and links to bicycle-friendly accommodations along cycle routes throughout Sweden.

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Cykelfrämjandet is Sweden’s bicycle advocacy organization, representing over 5000 cyclists from 30 regional chapters.

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EuroVelo in Sweden

Sweden is home to four EuroVelo routes, covering over 5000 kilometers from the fells of Lapland to Skåne’s sandy beaches.


Along Sydkustleden, you can sunbathe on some of Sweden's most beautiful beaches, explore historical and scenic environments, enjoy dinner at local inns, visit the vibrant cities of Malmö and Helsingborg, and so much more.


Sydostleden is a 270 kilometer long bicycle route in southern Sweden, which offers you a varied natural experience from the saddle. 'Sydostleden' means the 'South East Trail' in English. It is a useful resource for the section of EuroVelo 10 between Simirshamn and Karlshavn.