Italy is emblematic of the Mediterranean. Its long arm juts out into the sea towards the African continent. The Romans brought together the whole region and put their capital at the centre of the world. They exported their way of life wherever they went. It shaped not just the history of the region, but also the different ways of living in Italy today. This is true as much for architecture, as for culinary and religious influence. EuroVelo 8 dissects northern Italy from east to west, and a cycle trip will allow you to get a real understanding of this region. EuroVelo 8 in Italy is based on the Bicitalia 2 Po Cycle Route and on the Bicitalia 6 Adriatic Cycle Route from the Po delta to the balkan border.

Download here the full GPS tracks of EuroVelo 8 - Mediterranean Route in Italy and start planning your next cycling holidays!

National & Regional Information

Federazione Italiana Ambiente e Bicicletta

National EuroVelo Coordinator

The Italian National EuroVelo Coordinator's website provides plenty of information about cycling in Italy. Further information on cycle tourism is provided on their 'Bicitalia' website. Italian only.

+39 2 84073149


If a hotel, farmhouse, bed & breakfast or camp site is happy to accommodate cyclists, FIAB's Albergabici® service is the way to tell cyclists who are touring their area or just out for a day's excursion about their services. The website offers over 2000 places to stay, tailored for road bike, mtb or touring holidays and with e-maps to help you find accomodation along EuroVelo and national routes.


If you're interested in the network of Italian national long-distance routes, then this is the right site for you. The aim of the site is to provide online maps of the network of cycleways, together with information about places to stay in and points of interest. The Bicitalia network includes 20 national routes. Download the tracks under 'Routing/GPSx'!

Po di Lombardia

Cycle tourism routes in Lombardia.

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