EuroVelo 8 enters Greece in the Epirus Region, with a view on the Ionian sea, where dolphins and fishers share the clear blue waters. Cycling south you will reach the National Parks of Messolonghi-Etoliko Lagoons, the Acheloos and Evinos rivers delta and the Echinades islands. Cycling by the sea from Xylokastro towards Korinthos you will visit Loutraki, a coastal town internationally known for its thermal springs. Still entering the Attica Region, you will reach the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the medieval Daphni Monastery and the Acropolis of Athens.

National & Regional Information

“Cities for Cycling”

National EuroVelo Coordination Centre

“Cities for Cycling” is implementing a series of actions with an aim to promote the use of the bicycle and the development of cycling tourism in Greece. Among its priorities is the creation of a platform for exchanging bicycling knowledge and experiences between Greece and European cities.

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Visit Greece

The national tourism body provides a good overview of the three EuroVelo routes in Greece. It identifies the touristic highlights on each route and provides links to further information.

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