With its mild weather, Mediterranean scenery, rich history and world-renowned landmarks, Greece is a tourist paradise for cyclists. Cycle tourism in Greece has been growing significantly over the past few years and the increasing demand has led to a development of related services. Although the 3 EuroVelo routes that cross Greece are not completely signposted yet, infrastructure has developed and rural roads with low traffic provide great opportunities for cycle touring. Furthermore, more and more cities are building cycle paths and operating public bike-sharing schemes.

Due to a serious accident (overturning and explosion of a tanker truck) and the mandatory demolition of the severely damaged bridge after the Isthmus of Corinth, traffic on the Athens-Corinth National Road has been suspended from the Peloponnese to Athens and vice versa since 7 June 2024. It is recommended to use the Suburban Railway from Corinth station to Agioi Theodoroi station and vice versa. You can find info concerning the train timetable here:
For your information in all trains in Greece two bicycles are allowed in each train. If you have more questions you can contact the Greek NECC at [email protected].

National Information

“Cities for Cycling”

National EuroVelo Coordination Centre

“Cities for Cycling” is implementing a series of actions with an aim to promote the use of the bicycle and the development of cycling tourism in Greece. Among its priorities is the creation of a platform for exchanging bicycling knowledge and experiences between Greece and European cities.

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Visit Greece

The national tourism body provides a good overview of the three EuroVelo routes in Greece. It identifies the touristic highlights on each route and provides links to further information.

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