In Norway, you will experience the famous fjords, magnificent mountains, wonderful waterfalls and friendly towns and cities. EuroVelo 1, 7 and 11 all start at the North Cape, which is the northernmost point in Europe that can be accessed by a public road. Norway is an expensive country, but it has some of the most liberal public access and camping laws in the world. You can basically wild camp anywhere, which is good for budget as long as the weather is mild!

National Information

Island hopping south of Tromsø

Starting point from the ferry in Gryllefjord or Tromsø. The lively city Tromsø, surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands, offers a variety of cycling experiences. The island hopping tour south to Vesterålen offers a beautiful and varied scenery on Kvaløya, outwards to the south side of the coast and the island Sommarøy. The trip continues with ferry to Senja, Norway's second largest island.

Lofoten and Vesterålen

Lofoten is famous for its dramatic natural landscape, and it’s perfect for cycling. The terrain is surprisingly flat and easy to cycle. Experience the picturesque fishing hamlets and towns, such as Henningsvær, Nusfjord, Reine and Sakrisøy. You cycle past Stone Age settlements, old boathouses, the world’s northernmost golf course, a doll museum and innumerable art galleries.

The Archipelago Route

Try “small town hopping” along the southern coast of Norway! Idyllic little towns lie like beads on a string. It is a delightful area of sheltered creeks, rocky bays, beaches and granite islands, well suited to bathing and boating.

The Atlantic Road

The famous Atlantic road from Molde to Trondheim is crossing numerous islands still uninhabited. There is "nothing" on the islands but houses of fisherfolk and cattle farmers, several camping sites and small shops. This trip starts in Molde and goes west to the island Midsund, Sandøy and Aukra. Between the islands you can relax on the ferry or an express boat. The tour continues on the mainland to Bud, over islets and reefs on the Atlantic Road before it ends in Kristiansund.

The Helgeland Coast

While cycling in Helgeland you experience the nature and animal life at close range. If you’re lucky, you will see porpoises frolicking on the water’s edge while white-tailed eagles fly above you. Explore fairytale like mountains like the Torghatten Mountain, with its distinctive hole straight through it or The Seven Sisters mountain range. Cross the Arctic Circle, visit the World Heritage Area of Vega or be impressed by Norway's second largest glacier, Svartisen.

The North Sea Cycle Route

Rogaland's landscape is full of contrasts. From idyllic fjords to impressive mountains, from peaceful moors to sandy beaches or pebbles to fantastic archipelagos, everything is brought together in this unique place.

The Oslofjord Route

The Oslofjord route is varied and you will experience the Norwegian coast up close. The coast in Østfold and Vestfold are known for their thriving beach and boat life. Cosy little towns, rich cultural offers and a great cultural landscape characterizes this part of the Norwegian coast. The area provides a wealth of opportunities for summer ‘Southern Adventure’ with idyllic islands and vibrant coastal communities.

Norwegian National Cycle Network

The Norwegian National Cycle Network are 10 national cycle routes connecting most of the country. Many of the routes are already signposted and some of them are part of EuroVelo, the European cycle route network (only available in Norwegian)

The Pilgrim's Way

On this website, you will find a pilgrimage planner with maps and information on the routes leading to Trondheim, with details on organised pilgrimages, accommodation, cultural heritage sites and services offered along the routes.

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