Croatia offers many opportunities for cycling in every season. With its landscapes, location and mild climate you can ride your bicycle through the river valleys, hills and mountainous areas as well as along the country's beautiful Mediterranean coast. Croatia invites you to experience both its Mediterranean and continental cultures and with its important historical and cultural heritage it is still a largely undiscovered European cycling destination.

National Information

National Coordination Body for Development of Cycling Tourism

National EuroVelo Coordination Centre

Cikloturizam Hrvatska is a voluntary association which advocates the improvement of conditions for cycling as efficient, sustainable and healthy means of transport. They advocate for and work on the transformation of the cities into clean, safe, comfortable and green urban areas, promoting the ‘cities for people’ approach and cycling as a desirable way of transport.

EuroVelo 8 in Croatia

This national website will help you plan your vacation and navigate better the seven Croatian tourist regions from Istria to Dubrovnik-Neretva County, which covers the Croatian part of EuroVelo 8.

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National Tourist Board of Croatia – Cycling Tourism

In Croatia you will find a huge variety of trails for everyone's taste. Ride through astonishing landscapes in natural parks such as Kopački Rit or Medvednica in Slavonia and Central Croatia or follow the numerous wine and gastro routes through stunning vineyards like the famous Istria Wine or Gastro Cycling Tour. On the Croatian National Tourist Board website you will find plenty of information about cycling in this country.

Maps & Guides

EuroVelo 6: Danube Bike Trail 4 [Bikeline Esterbauer]

This cycling guide describes the section of EuroVelo 6 - Atlantic Black Sea in Austria from Budapest, across Croatia and in Serbia up to Belgrade (580 km). The perfect tool to guide you during your journey preparation and on the road: precise and very informative maps at a scale of 1:75,000, elevation and distance profiles, GPS tracks, accommodation and service directory, LiveUpdate, handlebar bag format, and spiral-bound. Also available in German.

Bookable Offers

Resort pearls of the northern Adriatic at EuroVelo 8

@Croatia @Italy @Slovenia

Experience the long distance cycling trip and vacation in one. From the start in timeless Venice on, beautiful coastal towns line up, first Italian, then Slovenian and finally Croatian, all of them pearls of Mediterranean architecture. Golden beaches and attractive coasts among them are captured in colorful rocks and lush greenery. The sun quickly warms the shallow sea and the atmosphere. The trip starts in Venice and ends in Pula, both known by good public transport connections.

THE BEST OF ZADAR REGION, CROATIA - Cycling the Croatian Adriatic coast


Cycling across the Zadar region is a tour for active and dynamic people. If you like nature and exploring new places, this tour is definitely for you. It takes you to several different places in the area. Cycling across the Zadar region you will enjoy the ride itself but also explore two islands, one nature park, and several towns and cities Zadar, Nin, Biograd.. It is an easy-paced tour that allows you to fully enjoy every moment. So, do not hesitate to contact us and book your perfect holiday…

Danube Experience by bike + boat / Iron Gate

@Austria @Croatia @Germany @Hungary @Romania @Slovakia

Come with us on an adventure-packed bike and boat tour through six countries and widely differing cultures that reveals the beauty of the majestic Danube river in all its glory. Discover natural spectacles, idyllic wine villages, endless expanses and breathtaking European capitals. In addition to scenic and cultural highlights, good food and a crew that caters to your every whim, guarantee that your cycling holiday will be a unique and unforgettable experience.