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Discover the new EuroVelo mobile app

Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Cycling in Europe? There is an app for that! Our official app is free and designed to help you discover the most developed EuroVelo routes. Available now on Android and iOS devices.

If you were curious and searched for a EuroVelo app in the Google or Apple stores, you might have noticed a new EuroVelo mobile app pop up in the listing. Well, since this past summer, we have been actively testing our new experience-based mobile application and now we are happy to share that the app is now ready to help plan your next cycling journeys on our network!

The official EuroVelo app is available to download for free on the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store (on compatible devices):

The app is developed in collaboration with Cartographia Kft. and provides overview information (country and stages) and interactive maps for five developed EuroVelo routes:

It is planned that other routes will be added in the future.

To further enhance your experience of exploring these routes, the app has these neat features:

  • Points of interest (POIs) to help you discover famous places, UNESCO sites and other hidden gems by bike.
  • Interactive maps that indicate the route development status, POIs and other useful information to plan your cycling trips.
  • A gamification system whereby you can ‘check in’ to numerous POIs that are linked to the theme of each route and share how much of the route you have completed with friends and family.

Thousands of kilometres of cycle routes in the palm of your hand – what are you waiting for? Download the app, get on your bike and start exploring!

Author(s): Omer Malak