EuroVelo 3Pilgrims Route

5,300 km long
20 UNESCO sites
7 countries visited

Looking for a bit of culture on your next cycle trip, but still want to party? EuroVelo 3 might be the answer. The route will give you a taste of some of Europe’s famous pilgrims routes and along the roughly 5,300 km-long way you will be able to discover some of the continent’s most impressive religious buildings, including the magnificent cathedrals of Cologne, Aachen and Santiago de Compostela. Linking these sites you will pass through many exciting cities famous for their unbeatable nightlife, including Hamburg, Liège and Paris.

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Track of peace in Westphalia


A route to peace and recreation is the motto of the bookable offer. It includes accommodation as well as sightseeing tours. Exploring the cycle route will lead to an understanding of the history of negotiations to end the “Thirty Years’ Wars”, which had destroyed enormous parts of Central Europe. The process of the Peace Congress lasted several years and led to the “Peace of Westphalia”. Münster and Osnabrück were significant negotiation places. The offer is suitable for regular cycle tourists.…