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The source of the Meuse lies in Pouilly-en-Bassigny, a village in the French département of Haute-Marne. This is also the start of the International Meuse Cycle Route. The route initially passes through the foothills of the Vosges region where you can visit the birthplace of Joan of Arc, the French national heroine. Further downstream is Verdun, famous for the Battle of Verdun during the First World War. Moving further north, the Meuse flows into the French Ardennes. Here, you pass through Sedan which has the largest mediaeval castle in Europe; Charleville-Mézières with its 17th-century Place Ducale square; and, on the border with Belgium, Givet with its Fort of Charlemont.

Download here the full GPS tracks of EuroVelo 19 - Meuse Cycle Route in France and start planning your next cycling holidays!

Public transport and bicycles in France

You can reach “La Meuse à Vélo” by train from the stations of the main towns: Langres, Neufchâteau, Verdun, Sedan, Charleville-Mézières or Givet. Bicycle transport is free and without reservation within the limits of available places in the TER. Intercity or TGV national trains are submitted to different conditions, so be sure to check this possibility beforehand.

“La Meuse à Vélo” is not served by a single line. You’ll need to organise connections for journeys between the stations of the towns you’re travelling through. Prepare your journey on: or



Development status
  • Certified Section of at least 300 km that has successfully undergone the certification process in line with ECF’s European Certification Standard. It is the highest quality level on the EuroVelo network
  • Developed with EuroVelo signs Developed route (see category below) with continuous signing along the route, incorporating EuroVelo route information panels.
  • Developed Route developed for cyclists and signed in line with the respective national standard (i.e. it is part of a local, regional or national cycle network). There must also be a website providing information to users. Developed route can be heterogeneous in terms of infrastructure: type of cycling infrastructure, surface, width, gradients, etc
  • Under development Route containing sections that require further development (e.g. stretches on public highways with high levels of traffic). Cyclists are advised to use public transportation to skip these non-developed stretches.
  • Planning Undeveloped route with no detailed information publicly available on the Internet. The itinerary communicated is a proposal for the best possible option currently available. It may also contain dangerous sections. Cyclists are advised to use public transportation to skip these non-developed stretches.
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  • Natural Heritage
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Culinary Delights
  • Maritime Heritage / The Rhine / The Meuse
  • Other Point of Interest
  • Bus station
  • Train station
  • Mobility info center

National & Regional Information

France Vélo Tourisme

National EuroVelo Coordination Centre

France Vélo Tourisme platform offers many major cycling routes and destinations in France, including mountain bike routes, practical advices for traveling by bike, a route calculator with a map, as well as contact details for Accueil Vélo service providers throughout the country.

Accueil Vélo

"Accueil Velo" is a national accreditation scheme guaranteeing a high quality of services for cyclists using French cycle routes. You will find accommodations, bike rental and repair companies, restaurants, tourist offices and places to visit.

La Meuse à Vélo - EuroVelo 19

European cycle route, La Meuse à Vélo (Meuse by bike) crosses the French county (or département) of Ardennes using the greenway called the Trans-Ardennes. Running along the towpath beside the Meuse River from Remilly-Aillicourt to Givet, this cycle route was voted Véloroute de l'année (Cycle Route of the Year) in 2011. This website provides detailed information on the itinerary in France.

Grand Est Tourisme

Discover Eastern France destinations : Alsace, Champage, Lorraine, Vosges and Ardenne. Wide open natural spaces ideal for relaxing and active holidays alike, prestigious heritage and cultural sites, age-old knowhow, world-famous cuisine… the Grand Est promises you a complete getaway right in the heart of Europe.

Haute-Marne Tourisme

With over one hectare of forest per inhabitant, the Haute-Marne is a rambler’s paradise. On foot, horseback or mountain bike, head deep into the heart of the forests, follow the canal or go round lakes to discover the wildlife. But you can also learn about the history of the region, and taste some of the many local products: cheeses, truffles, game, wine and, of course, champagne!

+33 (0)3 20 30 39 00

L’Ouest des Vosges

A rural destination steeped in history, where the silence lets you listen to the musicality of nature, of the Meuse River and of the other watercourses that weave their way through the landscape. A nature characterized by the presence of limestone grasslands with a southern feel, where orchids and butterflies flutter about. Discover the land of Joan of Arc, the heroine of an extraordinary destiny, and the town of Neufchâteau, with over 1000 years of history.

+33 (0)3 29 94 10 95

Meuse Attractivité

Let's discover the Meuse along EuroVelo 19? Start your journey in the footsteps of Joan of Arc in Vaucouleurs before stopping off in Commercy to taste some delicious madeleines. On your way, walk through the exceptional forest of Verdun, which will take you back to the heart of the battlefield and the history of the First World War. A saving foam, with local flavours, will be waiting for you in Stenay to end this Meuse journey.

+33 (0)3 29 45 78 40

Tourism Ardennes

When we mention the Ardennes, thoughts obviously turn to the poet Rimbaud, to puppets and the world famous festival held at Charleville-Mézières and to the Meuse river which passes through the Ardennes mountains, the magnificent green tracks which run alongside it and the view points that are dotted along its length. What's more, in this region the food is very good and fun is always just around the corner… Discover the unmissable sights and events of the Ardennes !

+33 (0)3 24 56 06 08

Tourisme Vosges

Over 31 km from Maxey-sur-Meuse to Neufchâteau, the Vosges section of the «Meuse à vélo» offers a historic discovery: pass by the birthplace of Joan of Arc in Domremy-la-Pucelle, do not miss the Bois Chenu Basilica and end with a visit to the historic town centre of Neufchâteau.

+33 3 29 82 02 14

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