The first stop along EuroVelo 19 in the Netherlands is the lively university city of Maastricht. From there you then pass through the attractive dune landscape in northern Limburg to reach one of the Netherlands’ most charming cities: Den Bosch. No visit is complete without sampling a Bossche Bol (‘chocolate ball’). Further downstream is Dordrecht, a charming town with a rich history. From Dordrecht the route leads you via Hoek van Holland to the city of Rotterdam.

Between Dordrecht and Rotterdam you can chose to take a bus boat. It's an attractive way to travel and you can visit the famous mills of Kinderdijk. Kinderdijk is a UNESCO World Heritage site featuring of 19 authentic windmills dating from the 18th century, which played a crucial role in water management.

The route is signposted in both directions.



Development status
  • Certified Section of at least 300 km that has successfully undergone the certification process in line with ECF’s European Certification Standard. It is the highest quality level on the EuroVelo network
  • Developed with EuroVelo signs Developed route (see category below) with continuous signing along the route, incorporating EuroVelo route information panels.
  • Developed Route developed for cyclists and signed in line with the respective national standard (i.e. it is part of a local, regional or national cycle network). There must also be a website providing information to users. Developed route can be heterogeneous in terms of infrastructure: type of cycling infrastructure, surface, width, gradients, etc
  • Under development Route containing sections that require further development (e.g. stretches on public highways with high levels of traffic). Cyclists are advised to use public transportation to skip these non-developed stretches.
  • Planning Undeveloped route with no detailed information publicly available on the Internet. The itinerary communicated is a proposal for the best possible option currently available. It may also contain dangerous sections. Cyclists are advised to use public transportation to skip these non-developed stretches.
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  • Natural Heritage
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Culinary Delights
  • Maritime Heritage / The Rhine / The Meuse
  • Other Point of Interest
  • Bus station
  • Train station
  • Mobility info center

National & Regional Information

Landelijk Fietsplatform

National EuroVelo Coordination Centre

Landelijk Fietsplatform is responsible for the network of Langeafstand Fietsroutes (National Bicycle Routes). Information about all LF-routes can be found on the website

LF Maasroute

The Meuse River Route gives a good overview of the Dutch people's relationship with one of the most important rivers in the south of their country: the Meuse. You cycle from Maastricht, where the river (approximately) enters the country, to Hook of Holland, where it flows into the sea. Then a little inland to Maasstad Rotterdam. The signs show you the way.

Meuse Valley River Park

Description of EuroVelo 19 - Meuse Cycle Route in the MaasVallei River Park and possible activities. Information on guided tours of the park.

+32 89 65 58 65

North Limburg Leisure Port

On this website, explore the different attractions and musea of North Limburg and discover the typical Burgundian products of the region!

+31(0) 77 473 48 48

Routebureau Noord & Midden Limburg

Routebureau Noord- en Midden-Limburg is the organisation that takes care of the complex task of developing and managing the network of recreational routes throughout the region. This ensures that you can enjoy the outdoor delights of northern and central Limburg to the full.

+31 642 04 50 79

Stichting Regionale VVV Zuid-Holland Zuid

If you would like to know something about an interesting trip somewhere in the Netherlands, naturally you go to the VVV [Tourist information office]. the VVV can give you detailed information about the whole of the Netherlands. At the VVV shops you can get guides, maps, charts and street plans which give you information regarding cycle routes, accommodation, watersport and sightseeing. Affordable souvenirs are also for sale.

+31 (0)78 6322440

Stichting VVV Zuid Limburg

Welcome to Zuid-Limburg! Relax and enjoy life in the southernmost province of the Netherlands. Experience its warm hospitality, be surprised by its culture, and delight in its extraordinary natural beauty. An unforgettable experience guaranteed!

+31 (0) 43 609 85 00

VisitBrabant Routebureau

Routes in Brabant is the starting point for the most beautiful walking routes, cycling tours, horseback rides, cruises and MTB routes in the diverse Brabant landscape. Be inspired by special tips and highlights, or compose your own cycling route with the route planner via the node network.

+31 (0)13 303 0390

VVV Midden-Limburg

On this website, discover what to see in North and Central Limburg, a unique part of the Netherlands. Come and enjoy its varied countryside, its wealth of cultural heritage, its many shopping opportunities and its unique water sports locations.

+31 (0) 475 33 58 47

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Public Transport

Echt Train Station

See the website for more information: Connections to Roermond and Maastricht.

Venlo Train Station

See the website for more information: Connections to Maastricht and Germany.

Cuijk Train Station

See the website for more information: Connections to Nijmegen and Roermond.