In Germany, the EuroVelo 3 long-distance cycle route leads along sections of the Ox Road, the North Sea Cycle Route, the long-distance cycling track Hamburg-Bremen, the Brückenradweg, the Friedensroute, the 100 Castles Route, the Römer-Lippe-Route, the Rhine Cycle Route and the Water Castles Route. You can find all the information about the individual route sections in the websites linked below, under "National Information".

National & Regional Information

ADFC: Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club e.V.

National EuroVelo Coordination Centre

The ADFC is a nationwide, Non-Profit-Organisation with over 200,000 bicycle-enthusiastic members whose shared aim is to make the roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Besides encouraging environmentally-friendly and therefore sustainable forms of transport, the ADFC provides advice on all aspects of cycling. This includes advice on buying a bike, technology and cycling accessories, tourism-related and political issues.

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ADFC Quality Cycling Routes

Currently, 37 quality routes in Germany, 2 quality routes abroad and 8 cycling tour regions carry the ADFC seal of quality. The link provides more information.

ADFC's brochure "Discover Germany by bike"

On the online presentation of the ADFC's brochure you will find a selection of the most beautiful bike routes in Germany.

Bett+Bike - Bicycle Friendly Accommodation

Around 5,900 hotels, guesthouses, youth hostels, nature houses and camping sites are tailored to the needs of cyclists. Guest companies meeting ADFC quality criteria are marked with a sign at the entrance.

Bicycle Route Planner in Germany

This platform enables seamless cycling route planning across Germany! Plan your trip and download the GPX tracks of German D-Routes in open data.

German Tourism Center e.V., DZT

The DZT has promoted Germany abroad on behalf of the federal government for more than 60 years. It advertises the touristic diversity of Germany throughout the world. It therefore advertises for one of the biggest and most popular brands - the travel country Germany. A selection of attractive long distance cycle routes can be found on with route descriptions and references of Bed+Bike establishments.

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[EV3] Part 1 - Ox Road

In the 19th century, the Ox Road was the main overland route between Denmark and North Germany. It served as a cattle track for farmers, but was also used by soldiers, tradesmen and pilgrims as a direct route southwards. Today, cyclists can experience the nature and cultural history of North Germany. Away from busy roads, the route passes through moors and marshland, forests and meadows typical of North Germany, past lakes and along rivers. Gebietsgemeinschaft Grünes Binnenland Tourismus e.V.

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[EV3] Part 2 - North Sea Cycle Route

The section along the North Sea Cycle Route not only offers cyclists the opportunity to experience nature, but also to visit a variety of larger and smaller harbour towns. From Elmshorn, the route passes through the Elbvorland floodplains and on to Hamburg – the “Gateway to the World”, as the harbour city on the Elbe is commonly known – where the city’s maritime UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be explored. Nordsee-Tourismus-Service GmbH

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[EV3] Part 3 - Long-distance cycling track Hamburg-Bremen

From the UNESCO World Heritage city and harbour metropolis of Hamburg featuring attractions such as the Alster, Landungsbrücken landing stages and Warehouse District, the route continues over the historic Elbe bridge in Harburg, past Schwarze Berge wildlife park and through the Harburg Hills to Bremen, which is also a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage city. Touristikverband Landkreis Rotenburg (Wümme) e.V.

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[EV3] Part 4 - Brückenradweg

The Brückenradweg links Bremen and Osnabrück on two parallel routes. Trade has flourished between the two Hanseatic towns for time immemorial. The well-developed route passes through 3 nature parks featuring unspoilt moors and forests, historical sites with a fascinating past, and over countless bridges. Some of these bridges are of historical interest; others are architecturally appealing. And all are a key feature of the beautiful riverscape. Tourismusverband Osnabrücker Land e.V. (TOL)


[EV3] Part 5 - Friedensroute

EuroVelo 3 continues along the Friedensroute linking the cities of Osnabrück and Münster. This modern cycle route traces the course of a historical riding trail through the Tecklenburger Land region. The city of Münster stands for the past and the future, a cultural stronghold and a cycling paradise, a diocesan city and a student city. The 1200-year-old metropolis shows how the old can also be young – with vibrant city flair, a compelling cultural programme and versatile leisure options. Münsterland e.V.

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[EV3] Part 6 - 100 Castles Routes

The Pilgrims Route follows the 100 Castles Route for a total of 75 kilometres. Castles, palaces and manor houses are the treasures of the Münsterland region. They are testimonies to outstanding architecture. Past eras come to life again here. It is possible to experience these by bike along the 100 Castles Route. The wonderful parks are perfect for stopping off. Münsterland e.V.

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[EV3] Part 7 - Römer-Lippe-Route

The next section of the Pilgrims Route follows the Römer-Lippe-Route. Where history was once written on the roads built by the Romans, the natural border today runs between the Münsterland’s parklands and the industrial culture of the Ruhr metropolitan region on the stretch between Hamm and Haltern. Initially densely forested, the Römer-Lippe-Route passes through varied scenery on the way from Haltern am See to Wesel. Ruhr Tourismus GmbH

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[EV3] Part 8 - Rhine Cycle Route

The Pilgrims Route reaches the Rhine Cycle Route where varied art and culture can be experienced. Vibrant towns await exploration along this section, from which unobstructed views can be enjoyed over the water time and time again. The route leads from the Siebengebirge upland range, past the metropolises of Cologne and Düsseldorf to the Lower Rhine in Bonn, one of the oldest cities in Germany. The former German capital looks back on a history spanning more than 2,000 years. RadRegionRheinland

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[EV3] Part 9 - Water Castles Route

The final section of the Pilgrims Route follows the Water Castles Route. Countless moated castles and other historical and cultural highlights along the route remind of the times of lords and knights. The route leads from Bonn along streams and rivers and through fertile lowlands to Aachen. Aachen Cathedral, the city’s landmark, along with the cathedral treasury were the first two German cultural monuments to be added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites back in 1978. Nordeifel Tourismus GmbH

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