EuroVelo 4Central Europe Route

5,100 km long
21 UNESCO sites
7 countries visited

*Disclaimer: Several sections of the EuroVelo routes in Germany were affected by the latest flooding events in Europe. For more information please check on Hochwasserzentralen or Hochwasser in Nordrhein-Westfalen und Rheinland-Pfalz. Please be aware that even if the region is not flooded anymore, it might take some time till the route will be in rideable condition. As the situation is constantly changing, we advise to contact the regional authorities to inquire information about the route conditions.

Cycling 5,100 km across Europe from west to east provides a fascinating insight into the world’s second most densely populated continent. Waiting for you are outstanding medieval architecture, dynamic cities and history lessons, and yet you can still get away from the crowds on this route, visiting France’s dramatic northern coastline and by crossing through the fairy tale Bohemian Forest. EuroVelo 4 is so diverse, you won’t know where to begin.