EuroVelo 15 first enters Germany at Lake Constance and runs west along the right bank of the River Rhine to Basel. The route then continues northwards through the cities of Karlsruhe and Mannheim. Entering the state of Hesse, EuroVelo 15 passes through the wine region surrounding Mainz. Alternatively, you can visit the city of Speyer and its cathedral on the left bank of the river in Rhineland Palatinate. The best-known section of the route in Germany is the Middle Rhine Valley between Bingen and Koblenz where the river passes through a dramatic landscape of vineyards, castles and small riverside towns. In North Rhine Westphalia, EuroVelo 15 runs along both sides of the river, passing through the former German capital of Bonn, the cathedral city of Cologne and the state capital of Düsseldorf. After leaving the Ruhr conurbation, the route becomes more rural and peaceful as the river flows towards the border with the Netherlands.

EV15 DE.png
In Rhineland-Palatinate the route from Lauterbourg to Remagen/Rolandseck/Unkel is signed like this. The same signing is also used in Baden-Württemberg from Basel to Lampertheim.
EV15 DE2.jpg
The stage from Constance to Basel is signed in this way. The same signing is used in Hesse from Lampertheim to Rüdesheim.

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Rhine Cycle Route Service Manual

From the source to the mouth: 1233 kilometres of cycling fun with a river view. You are looking for cyclist-friendly accommodation close to Andermatt? You are interested in seeing Düsseldorf’s sights? You fancy trying Alsatian “Flammkuchen” in Strasbourg or wine in Rhineland Palatinate or perhaps you would like to rent a bike on the Dutch coast? Step by step, or better put stage by stage, you will find all the transnational information as well as helpful tour tips and tricks.


Radel ins Museum

In den Museen entlang des weitläufigen Radwegenetzes warten unzählige museale Schätze darauf, entdeckt zu werden. Jedes Jahr im Frühling lockt der Aktionstag „Tag der offenen Museen - Radel ins Museum“ Aktivurlauber und Kulturinteressierte in Scharen in die regionalen Heimat- und Kunstmuseen. An diesem Aktionstag öffnen die Museen jeweils von 11 – 17 Uhr und bieten bei freiem Eintritt ein attraktives Programm an. Foto: ©Pfalz.Touristik e.V./Dominik Ketz

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Bike Tour Chur-Basel

@Austria @Germany @Liechtenstein @Switzerland

Our trip goes from central Switzerland, through Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, back to Switzerland, in the picturesque Basel on the Rhine's knee. The panorama of the Alps and the grandiose view over the Lac of Constance will make for lasting impressions and a lot of variety. You will cycle through Switzerland's Grand Canyon and through nice little villages. Further down the road the valleys get wider, the mountains softer and the first vineyards indicate the mild climate of the Lac of Constan…

Bike Tour Chur-Rotterdam

@Austria @Germany @Liechtenstein @Netherlands @Switzerland

Join us on one of the longest and most beautiful bike tours across Europe. We follow one of the biggest and most impressive rivers of the continent. The Rhine links several cultures and varied landscapes from the Swiss Alps, through the principality of Liechtenstein, through Austria and Germany to the Netherlands and the Grand Finale on the North Sea. Duration: 28 nights/29 days. Price: from 2.958€

Bike Tour Basel Speyer

@France @Germany @Switzerland

Most of the time the Rhine forms the natural border between France and Germany, between French savoir-vivre and German coziness. The past hasn't always been that peaceful, as you can see along the route, finding yourself often between former French and German fortifications. The region has nonetheless been enjoyable, passing through several historic sites - from the Swiss Basel via Freiburg to the European city of Strasbourg, by Karlsruhe to the picturesque city of Speyer and its cathedral.



Süße Früchte hängen prall an den Bäumen und Sträuchern entlang des Radweges. Sie müssen Ihre Hand nur ausstrecken, um eine davon zu kosten. Es ist wahrlich ein paradiesischer Anblick, wenn Kiwis, Feigen und Kirschen so reich im Gebiet zwischen Rhein, Neckar und der Deutschen Weinstraße wachsen. Wahrscheinlich ist es auch dieser kulinarische Reichtum, der die Menschen so stolz auf ihre Heimat macht. So stolz, dass sie jedem einzelnen Gast ihre ganze Aufmerksamkeit schenken. Foto: ©Südpfalz-Touri…

Drei Kaiserdome am Rhein SPEYER, WORMS & MAINZ


Die gewaltigen Kaiserdome in Speyer, Worms und Mainz sind eindruckvolle Zeugen der fast tausend jährigen Geschichte entlang des größten europäischen Stroms. Dieser besondere Reiz von Natur und Kultur lockt unverändert! Genießen Sie eine abwechslungsreiche und sehr interessante Radtour entlang der romantischen Altrheinarme, vorbei an vielen kulturellen Highlights in den größten deutschen Weinbaugebieten Rhein-Hessen und der Pfalz. Foto: ©Pfalz.Touristik e.V

National & Regional Information

ADFC: Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club e.V.

National EuroVelo Coordination Centre

The ADFC is a nationwide, Non-Profit-Organisation with more than 175.000 members whose shared aim is to make the roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Besides encouraging environmentally-friendly and therefore sustainable forms of transport, the ADFC provides advice on all aspects of cycling. This includes advice on buying a bike, technology and cycling accessories, tourism-related and political issues.

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ADFC Quality Cycling Routes

Currently, 37 cycling routes and five cycling tour regions in Germany carry the ADFC seal of quality. The link provides more information.

ADFC's brochure "Deutschland per Rad entdecken"

On the online presentation of the ADFC's brochure you will find a selection of the most beautiful bike routes in Germany.

Bett+Bike - Bicycle Friendly Accommodation

Around 5,500 hotels, guesthouses, youth hostels, nature houses and camping sites are tailored to the needs of cyclists. Guest companies meeting ADFC quality criteria are marked with a sign at the entrance.

German Tourism Center e.V., DZT

The DZT has promoted Germany abroad on behalf of the federal government for more than 60 years. It advertises the touristic diversity of Germany throughout the world. It therefore advertises for one of the biggest and most popular brands - the travel country Germany. A selection of attractive long distance cycle routes can be found on with route descriptions and references of Bed+Bike establishments.

+49 (0)69 974640

[EV15] HA Hessen Agentur GmbH - Tourismus- und Kongressmarketing

The tourism- and congress marketing department of the HA Hessen Agentur GmbH is responsible for the promotion of the long-distance cycle routes within the federal state of Hesse. The Rhine Cycle Route is one of the routes. Detailed information about the Rhine Cycle Route - including an online -route -planner - can be found on the website of "Radroutenplaner Hessen" in several languages.

[EV15] Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH

Romantic Rhine Tourism is the authority responsible for the promotion and development of the Rhine Cycle Route (RCR) in Rhineland-Palatinate. The RCR passes through the three touristic destinations of the Palatinate, Rhine Hesse and the romantic Rhine valley.

+49 (0) 261 - 97 38 47 0

[EV15] Tourismus Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg

South-west Germany is cycling country. With its extensive network of quiet back roads through the hills of the Swabian Alb and the Black Forest, you can pedal alone, with friends or family, taking it easy or riding hard. On TMBW's website you can find all the important information about the Rhine Cycle Route in Baden-Württemberg, like maps, cyclist friendly accommodation or information about tourist sights.

0711 / 2 38 58 0

[EV15] Tourismus North Rhine-Westphalia e.V.

Tourismus NRW e.V. is the authority responsible for the coordination, communication and promotion of the Rhine Cycle Route's North Rhine-Westphalian section. The routes in the federal state follow the river on both of its banks providing scenic views of the river every now and then. The route is largely flat with an excellent infrastructure.