EuroVelo 15 begins in the village of Andermatt in Switzerland. From there the ride up the Oberalp Pass is the toughest part of the whole route: leading cyclists up to an altitude of 2,044 metres, and the source of the river, before rapidly sweeping down to the lush Surselva alpine valley. Ahead lie the wild Ruinaulta Gorge, glaciated valleys and the majestic Lake Constance surrounded by a landscape of orchards and castles. From the lake, EuroVelo 15 heads west along the Swiss / German border, passing the roaring waters of the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen and the Roman remains at Augusta Raurica.

Example of the signing of the route in Switzerland from Andermatt to Basel

National & Regional Information

SwitzerlandMobility Foundation

National EuroVelo Coordination Centre

SwitzerlandMobility as the National Coordination Centre coordinates and communicates the most attractive, officially signposted routes for walking, cycling, mountainbiking, skating and canoeing in Switzerland. On the SwitzerlandMobility Foundation website, one can access detailed information about the EuroVelo routes in Switzerland, including online maps, all kinds of cycling friendly services and links to public transport services.

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Rhine Route: Andermatt–Basel

In Switzerland, the national Rhine Route follows the Alpine river from mountain source to the large Rhine port at Basel. A vastly varied trip through diverse landscapes hewn by the mighty river over the ages.

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EuroVelo 15 - Rhine Cycle Route Handbook

From the source to the mouth: 1233 kilometres of cycling fun with a river view. You are looking for cyclist-friendly accommodation close to Andermatt? You are interested in seeing Düsseldorf’s sights? You fancy trying Alsatian “Flammkuchen” in Strasbourg or wine in Rhineland Palatinate or perhaps you would like to rent a bike on the Dutch coast? Step by step, or better put stage by stage, you will find all the transnational information as well as helpful tour tips and tricks.

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Bike Tour Chur-Basel

@Austria @Germany @Liechtenstein @Switzerland

Our trip goes from central Switzerland, through Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, back to Switzerland, in the picturesque Basel on the Rhine's knee. The panorama of the Alps and the grandiose view over the Lac of Constance will make for lasting impressions and a lot of variety. You will cycle through Switzerland's Grand Canyon and through nice little villages. Further down the road the valleys get wider, the mountains softer and the first vineyards indicate the mild climate of the Lac of Constan…

Bike Tour Basel Speyer

@France @Germany @Switzerland

Most of the time the Rhine forms the natural border between France and Germany, between French savoir-vivre and German coziness. The past hasn't always been that peaceful, as you can see along the route, finding yourself often between former French and German fortifications. The region has nonetheless been enjoyable, passing through several historic sites - from the Swiss Basel via Freiburg to the European city of Strasbourg, by Karlsruhe to the picturesque city of Speyer and its cathedral.

Rhine Route Disentis - Schaffhausen


Experience the Rhine from its source to the largest lake in Germany. After an excursion to Illanz, you will pass by Chur. Downstream it goes into the Rhine valley and along the shores of Lake Constance to Schaffhausen with the Rhine Falls. Services: 5 x accommodation and breakfast in the guesthouse; Map material, luggage transport & service hotline. Booking contact: Eurotrek AG, Dörflistrasse 30, 8057 Zurich. Photo: photoplus.ch_Photo by Christof Sonderegger