The Slovenian part of the route of is a short one and crosses a small area in the northeastern part of the country, between the border crossing with Hungary to the north and with Croatia to the south. Although the shared border is only 107 km long the route passes through a geographically, linguistically, culturally and ethnically defined region known as Prekmurje. The most significant settlement along this border region is Lendava, which is located close to the border crossing with Hungary at Dolga Vas-Rédics. The town is the centre of the Hungarian minority in Slovenia and is known for its castle, thermal spa and impressive new theatre.

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The Slovenian cycling network is a voluntary and non-profit association of organizations, who joined in faith of encouraging cycling in Slovenia, to influence a permanent development of pedestrian, cyclist and public transport friendly traffic, to coordinate the movement of the organisations, and to represent them in a dialog with the national administration and international movements.

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