The itinerary of EuroVelo 13 in Latvia is over 550km and follows the sea coast as closely as possible from the Estonian border (Ainaži) to the Lithuanian (Nida). Visitors will enjoy Latvia’s rich natural landscape of which 56% is covered by forest. Riga, the largest city in the Baltic States, offers a good counter-balance to the wilderness of its countryside. The route also visits Ventspils, which boasts the most developed cycling infrastructure in Latvia, whilst Liepāja and Karosta are very fitting destinations for the Iron Curtain Trail route thanks to their rich and well preserved Soviet military heritage.

National & Regional Information

Latvian bicycle information centre

The Latvian bicycle information centre is a bicycle tourism organisation founded in Riga in 1991. Their website contains a lot of information and maps for domestic routes and bicycle tourism in Latvia. However, much of it is currently only available in Latvia, so send any questions about EuroVelo 10 and 11 to their e-mail address: and they will try and provide all the necessary information - route descriptions, public transport, cycle friendly services, rental facilities etc.

Vidzeme Tourism Association

Vidzeme is one of the four historic provinces in Latvia, located in the north east. Its regional tourism association is responsible for the development of EuroVelo 13 in Latvia, and provides information about the route and work in progress as well as information about accomodation and cycle-friendly actvities in the region.

Maps & Guides

Bookable Offers

Jurmala resort and Latvia’s West Coast


This exciting bike tour explores the coastal resort city of Jurmala through Kemeri National park, Abava river valley and beautiful Western Latvia towns – Kandava, Sabile, Tukums and Talsi, later on returning to Jurmala Riga. The cycling package includes: Pick-up and drop-off at airport, bus/train station or hotel in Riga/Jurmala, covering ~235 km (partial transfers), 3 nights accommodation, Luggage transfer, Technical assistance during your trip, Optional bike/e-bike rental (+30/50 EUR person).

Golden Ring Tour


The Golden Ring Tour offers Cycling tourists exciting route along the picturesque coast of Northern Latvia, starting from Riga – European Capital of Culture 2014. The route goes along the signposted EuroVelo 13 until Saulkrasti, then turns towards the Gauja National Park. The cycling package includes: pick-up and drop-off at airport, bus/train station or hotel in Riga, covering ~190 km, 3 nights accommodation, luggage transfer, technical assistance, optional bike/e-bike rental.

Silver Castle and Manor House Route at Vidzeme Coast


The tour begins in Saulkrasti, with the only military bicycle museum of the Baltic States. It continues to the Hanseatic city of Limbaži and to Salacgrīva. From there the route goes along to the coastline until Tuja, visiting the Munchhausen museum and returning to Saulkrasti. The cycling package includes: Optional pick-up and drop-off at airport, bus/train or hotel in Riga, covering ~184 km, 2 nights accommodation, Luggage transfer, Technical assistance, Optional bike/e-bike rental.

Cycle the Baltics: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania – half-guided or guided tour

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Bike tours through forests, bike paths along lakes, unique landscapes, villages like those from bygone centuries, baroque splendor in restored cities. The Baltic States have all of this to offer You. Take a ride and discover three extraordinary countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Thanks to the highly interesting guided tours, you will not only get to know the three Baltic countries on this bike tour, but also their history and, above all, their people.