In Germany, the route of EuroVelo 13 leads from the Baltic Sea coast along the former inner-German border to Czechia. Today the German section is at the centre of the push to change the former border region into a major green belt through the centre of Europe. The human depopulation of the area driven by the security issues linked to the border had the unintended side effect of preserving the area's wildlife heritage. There is now a chain of preserved areas that are home to some stunning landscapes, quite unexpected in such a densely populated part of the world. For more information, visit the European Green Belt website:

EuroVelo 13 - Iron Curtain Trail is a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe since 2019.
EuroVelo 13 - Iron Curtain Trail is a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe since 2019.



Development status
  • Certified Section of at least 300 km that has successfully undergone the certification process in line with ECF’s European Certification Standard. It is the highest quality level on the EuroVelo network
  • Developed with EuroVelo signs Developed route (see category below) with continuous signing along the route, incorporating EuroVelo route information panels.
  • Developed Route developed for cyclists and signed in line with the respective national standard (i.e. it is part of a local, regional or national cycle network). There must also be a website providing information to users. Developed route can be heterogeneous in terms of infrastructure: type of cycling infrastructure, surface, width, gradients, etc
  • Under development Route containing sections that require further development (e.g. stretches on public highways with high levels of traffic). Cyclists are advised to use public transportation to skip these non-developed stretches.
  • Planning Undeveloped route with no detailed information publicly available on the Internet. The itinerary communicated is a proposal for the best possible option currently available. It may also contain dangerous sections. Cyclists are advised to use public transportation to skip these non-developed stretches.
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  • Natural Heritage
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Culinary Delights
  • Maritime Heritage / The Rhine / The Meuse
  • Other Point of Interest
  • Bus station
  • Train station
  • Mobility info center

National & Regional Information

ADFC: Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club e.V.

National EuroVelo Coordination Centre

The ADFC is a nationwide, Non-Profit-Organisation with over 230,000 bicycle-enthusiastic members whose shared aim is to make the roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Besides encouraging environmentally-friendly and therefore sustainable forms of transport, the ADFC provides advice on all aspects of cycling. This includes advice on buying a bike, technology and cycling accessories, tourism-related and political issues.

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ADFC Quality Cycling Routes

Currently, 45 quality routes in Germany, 2 quality routes abroad and 6 cycling tour regions carry the ADFC seal of quality. The link provides more information.

ADFC's brochure "Discover Germany by bike"

On the online presentation of the ADFC's brochure you will find a selection of the most beautiful bike routes in Germany.

Bett+Bike - Bicycle Friendly Accommodation

Around 5,900 hotels, guesthouses, youth hostels, nature houses and camping sites are tailored to the needs of cyclists. Guest companies meeting ADFC quality criteria are marked with a sign at the entrance.

Bicycle Route Planner in Germany

This platform enables seamless cycling route planning across Germany! Plan your trip and download the GPX tracks of German D-Routes in open data.

German Tourism Center e.V., DZT

The DZT has promoted Germany abroad on behalf of the federal government for more than 60 years. It advertises the touristic diversity of Germany throughout the world. It therefore advertises for one of the biggest and most popular brands - the travel country Germany. A selection of attractive long distance cycle routes can be found on with route descriptions and references of Bed+Bike establishments.

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[EV10, EV13] ADFC - Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Regional Association

The regional office of the German cyclists organisation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

[EV13] Greenbelt Germany

From the Barents to the Black Sea, there ran a barrier which displayed its inhumane side most strongly in Germany. It cut up a country into East and West, separated families and friends for decades. And yet nature conquered the frontier strip. The "Green Belt" was created, with valuable habitats full of rare animals and plants. Since 1989, the BUND has been active in preserving the Green Belt, along with other organisations and government departments.

[EV13] Part 1 - North Sea Cycle Route - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

The route starts to the west of Swinemünde, in Usedom Island Nature Park. From here, it runs close to the water along slightly hilly sections via the Hanseatic towns of Greifswald, Stralsund, Rostock and Wismar to the mouth of the River Trave on Privall peninsula before ending in the coastal town of Travemünde. UNESCO has added the old towns of Stralsund and Wismar to its list of World Heritage Sites as representative examples of the Hanseatic cultural heritage.

+49 381 4030-550

[EV13] Part 2 - Elbe Cycle Route North

This section of the EuroVelo 13 leads along the Elbe Cycle Route. It begins in Boizenburg beside the River Elbe, which is Germany’s second longest river, and continues south-east through the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of the Elbe River Landscape via the towns of Hitzacker and Dömitz to Schnackenburg.

+49 4542 856862

[EV13] Part 3 - Iron Curtain Trail - Bavaria

The EuroVelo 13 signposted in the Upper Palatine Forest mostly remains on the German side of the border, crossing over near Rozvadov at the monument to opening of the Iron Curtain and the border museum. The route then crosses back over at Waidhaus and leads along the Bockl Cycle Route to Eslarn. From Friedrichshäng, the route once again crosses back onto the Czech side.

+49 9433 / 203810

Maps & Guides

EuroVelo 10, EuroVelo 13: Iron Curtain Trail 2 [Bikeline Esterbauer]

This cycling guide describes EuroVelo 10 & EuroVelo 13 in Latvia from Riga, across Lithuania, Russia, and Poland and in Germany up to Lübeck (1,604 km). Half of the route in Latvia is described in the book. The perfect tool to guide you during your journey preparation and on the road: maps at a scale of 1:85,000, elevation and distance profiles, GPS tracks, accommodation and service directory, LiveUpdate, handlebar bag format, and spiral-bound. Also available in German.