EuroVelo 8 Mediterranean Route

Dubrovnik to Durrës, via Kotor

Montenegro and Albania are on many people’s To Do lists and this stage combines both of these fascinating countries. You should visit now before everyone else does! Starting (or finishing) in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, the stage soon crosses the border into Montenegro and visitors are straight away greeted by the majestic Bay of Kotor. From here, EuroVelo 8 heads towards Montenegro’s old royal capital city of Cetinje before reaching Rijeka Crnojevica. It is then a relatively short journey to the border with Albania on the shores of Lake Skadar, the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula. The city of Shkodër is located in the southern shore of the lake with a breathtaking backdrop provided by the Albanian Alps.

Just under 100km to the south of Shkodër lies Albania’s capital city, Tirana. The city is famous for its kaleidoscopic streetscapes, which were created by painting the façades of many of its buildings in bright colours. To reach the coastal city of Durrës, you will have to retrace your steps a little bit but it is worth it to visit this ancient port.