This stage follows the coastline of Dalmatia, from Zadar to Dubrovnik, via the sub-regions of Šibenik and Split. It abounds with UNESCO heritage sites. Besides the famous Old City of Dubrovnik, other UNESCO must see sites are the historical complex with Diocletian’s Palace in Split, the museum-city Trogir, St James’ Cathedral in Šibenik, Zadar’s fortifications and Šibenik’s Fort of St Nicholas. Zadar is a 3,000-years old city with unforgettable Romanesque churches and contemporary architectural installations such as the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun. In Split, plan your time for exploring Diocletian’s Palace as well as stunning natural landscapes. Finally, Dubrovnik and the city’s glorious walls, fortresses and bastions offer a view of the magical Elaphite islands, scattered like pearls in the azure of the Adriatic sea.